The Creek

Guest Information 

If you have been invited to attend a sporting activity, dining or a function hosted at The Creek, it is our pleasure to welcome you as our guest.

We kindly ask that your observe the following member and guest policies to ensure an enjoyable and memorable visit.

Cell Phone Policy

Talking on cell phones, texting, e-mailing and checking digital content on any device is strictly prohibited anywhere on Club property, except in cars and in the designated "cell phone areas."

Social Media Policy

All images of our property must be pre-authorized for any personal use or commercial purposes (including blogs, message boards, chat rooms and online forums). Please refrain from naming the Club or its location: this includes using a hashtag (#) or “at” sign (@) with the Club’s name in the comments field on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and any other form of social media.  Please select “No Location” or disable the “Location” services from your phone or other devices when posting photos on social media or public websites.

Main Clubhouse, Dormie House & Beach House Dress Code

The dress code is club casual, requiring collared shirts for gentlemen and equivalent attire for ladies. Tennis and athletic wear is permitted, if appropriate.  Denim blue jeans are not permitted on campus at any time.

Golf Dress Code

Dress should be appropriate to a country club atmosphere.  No Cargo shorts, T-shirts, bathing suits, tennis shorts or skirts are permitted on the course.  Shorts of Bermuda length are allowed.  Shirts must have a collar, except for long-sleeved shirts which may have a turtleneck or mock turtleneck collar. Women are allowed to wear a shirt without a collar or without sleeves, but may not wear a shirt without sleeves and a collar.

The Creek has a mandatory spikeless golf shoe policy. Metal spikes are not allowed on the golf course.

Tennis Dress Code

From May 1 through October 1 players must wear ALL white clothing.  This includes all hats, socks, and warm-ups.  Gentlemen of all ages will be required to wear collared shirts.  Tennis shoes must be white and have appropriate treads for clay court surfaces.  Footwear such as jogging shoes may have treads that damage clay courts and must not be worn. 

During the Indoor season all tennis players may wear colored warm-up clothes; their tennis clothes underneath and their socks must be all white.